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Freddie McShan  1946-2022


The Wushu Neijia Mind Boxing Club was started in the early (1970's) By Sifu Freddie McShan who trained under Robert W. Smith. Sifu McShan was proficient in all three of the Internal styles. He taught Yunan Boxing as a precurser to learning the internal sets. He excelled in the Yang style Tai-Chi as taught by Master Cheng Man-ch'ing. He also excelled at Bagua teaching Linear as well as the classical styles of Gao, Sun and Yang changes. He stressed extensive walking as a precursor to learning the more advances sets. He taught beginner as well as advanced animal Hsing-i sets after extensive Santi posture requirments were met.

Freddie began his martial Arts career in 1966  in Washington DC.  His introduction to Chinese Martial Arts started with Joe Sifus Colvin a well known Bondo practitioner who is currently know as the one of the oldest practitioners of Chinese Hung Gar Kung Fu for the Washington DC African American population. After doing some Shaolin & Taekwondo, Freddie Realized he wanted something that would fit his unique personality.  So he was introduced to a gentle training class located in Bethesda MD at the YMCA.

He began Tai Chi Chuan for Heath & Meditation. Freddie was amazed at the softness and simplicity related to the gentle movements and promised himself that he would Master this art and share it with his people.

He took his Tai Chi practice extremely seriously from the beginning and in a short time,  his practice had cultivated  into a love like no other, requiring between 8-10 hours per day of personal static and moving chi gung  practice. While still trying to maintain a career and family, Freddie continued developing his Internal Skills, starting with the Tai Chi Basics. He excelled beyond many of the other students at that time and was a  prominent practitioner. Some times he would be used to demonstrate a technique so the instructor could demonstrate his point.

After a few years Freddie would work out privately with many of  his teachers doing much more then what was taught in the general classes. This is were Freddie began to learn Pa Kua Chang and Hsing I Chuan and other Internal Systems.

Freddie McShan was the benefactor of some of what his teachers had learned while they lived or visited  in China. He would gleen from the knowledge of  the Chinese Internal Martial Arts which they had been taught by Masters such as "Cheng Man Cheng, Tai Chi Master, Kou Yin Chi, Hsing I Chuan and Pa Kua Master and Wang Su Chin, Hsing I Chuan and Pa Kau Master". Freddie studied and prayed night and day learning all he could from his instructors and developed a very high knowledge & skill in the Nei Chia Chuan System.  Motivated by a godly spirit to share his knowledge with other African American who might other wise never get a chance to learn the basics of  "Real Internal Martial Arts"

Sifu Freddie McShan has learned from very few Instructors which I have not mentioned. Also there are many things he learned through his own studies and edification of the art.  

Freddie McShan was also featured in who's who back in the late 1980's and has never professed to be a master of  Internal Martial Arts but many of those who are very well known have identified him as a Internal Martial Artist.

In the early to mid 1970's Freddie Partnered with two other prominate Wushu practicioners, Sifu Josephus Colvin, Sifu Raymond Fogg (now Grandmaster Fogg of the US Kung-fu Exchange Federation) and formed, "The Metropolitan Wushu Kung-fu Club" in Washington, DC. These three gentelmen went on to teach many who went on to become instructors themselves.